This website was originally created to serve as a portal into my academic life at the University of York. It was, and still is, very much a work in progress, with intermittent updates to content and structure depending on available time and motivation. Some things on my nice-to-have list are:

  • Add mapping elements to the Photos section and other random places
  • Update the markdown engine in the notes section
  • Create a dedicated Sikyon Survey Project section with web mapping and database interfaces
  • Allow Brent Truell's vision for my webpage to be a reality
  • Add all my Berbatis show posters here

This site was mostly created while I was a graduate student at the University of York. I have brought over many items from my personal website, such as my CV and some of the pictures I've taken over the years. My background is in mathematics and computer science with a recent prolonged dalliance in Greek archaeology and surveying. Originally from the lovely Portland, Oregon, I now make my home nearish to the medieval city walls of York.

Currently I work at Sky as a Senior Software Developer, which I attained by having more gray hairs and superior dance skills to my fellow colleagues. Previously, I have worked at the Archaeology Data Service (shhh, don't tell them I left), the Freegeek Mothership, the legendary Berbati's Pan, and as an overseas player for the RI Cricket Club.